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Meet The UO Team



·        UO Employee Name:  Jennifer Potts

·        UO Company Role:  Owner (98% to Brett’s 2%)

·        Favorite Song: “Into The Mystic” by Van Morrison & “Shallow” by Lady Gaga

·        Favorite Food:  Gyro’s & Teriyaki Chicken

·        What Jenn enjoys doing, when not working at UO:

o   Jenn enjoys trips to the Casino.

o   She also loves Road Trips during the summer months.

o   Jenn also enjoys spending her day off with Brett and watching Netflix and Scary Movies-The Corny Kind!






·        UO Employee Name:  Brett Potts

·        UO Company Role:  Operations & 2% Owner

·        Favorite Song: “Mind Playin’ Tricks On Me”, by Geto Boys

·        Favorite Food:  Anything Portuguese

·        What Brett enjoys doing, when not working at UO:

o   Spending time with Jenn on our day-off (Sunday) is always what he looks forward to.

o   Brett loves English Premier League Football and try to catch some matches when I am able to. 

o   He likes to also stay busy when not working at UO and finds it hard to sit still

o   Brett has 3 children:  Anthony-27, Ashlee-23, Kelsey-22







·        UO Employee Name:  Ashlee

·        UO Company Role:  Social Media Manger/Photography

·        Favorite Song: “Sunflower” by Post Malone & Swae Lee

·        Favorite Food:  Flamin’ Hot Cheetos & Boneless Chicken Wings (preferably Applebee’s!).

·        What Ashlee enjoys doing, when not working at UO:

o   Ashlee enjoys chillin’-out and listening to music.

o   She loves reality TV Shows of any kind.

o   Ashlee also enjoys doing her make-up and trying new looks







·        UO Employee Name:  Kaitlin

·        UO Company Role:  Order Fulfillment/Intake

·        Favorite UO Brand Partner: 

·        Favorite Song: “I Didn’t Plan It”, by Sara Barilles

·        Favorite Food: Chicken Tikka Marsala

·        What Kaitlin enjoys doing, when not working at UO:

o   Kaitlin loves to read and write during her free time.

o   She is also a Digital Art professional and holds a degree in this field.

o   Kaitlin truly enjoys spending quality time with her “Cockapoo” Puppy!







·        UO Employee Name:  Johanna

·        UO Company Role:  Model

·        Favorite UO Brand Partner:   Zenana & Umgee 

·        Favorite Song:  Anything by Walk The Moon

·        Favorite Food:  Wings of course!

·        What Johanna enjoys doing, when not working at UO:

o   Musical Theater

o   Traveling

o   Cooking



·        UO Employee Name:  Karah

·        UO Company Role:  Direct Assistant to Jenn/Model/App & Website Manager

·        Favorite UO Brand Partner:  POL

·        Favorite Song:  Wish Wish by Cardi B

·        Favorite Food:  Crab Legs & Pasta

·        What Karah enjoys doing, when not working at UO:

o   Going out for dinner and drinks

o   Binge watching shows at home

o   Video-gaming with husband and enjoying time together



·        UO Employee Name:  Erin

·        UO Company Role:  Order Fulfillment

·        Favorite UO Brand Partner:  POL

·        Favorite Song:  Like A Girl by

·        Favorite Food:  Ice Cream

·        What Erin enjoys doing, when not working at UO:

o   Freelance Clarinetist

o   Crocheting

o   Working as an Assistant Manager at other job.