WANT FREE SHIPPING? When your order is paid within 1 hour, FREE SHIPPING is applied! YEE-HAW!!!


  • Earn FREE SHIPPING on every order when paid within 1 hour of first item added to cart.  ***Sale Item Shipping: $3 = 1 item + $1 each additional item, with a max of $8.
  • Check out as many times as you like! Our unique fulfillment software combines all of your orders into a single shipment. (*when ordered in the same 24-hour period).
  • Our cart expiration is 12 hours, so if you are unable to make the 1 hour for Free Shipping…no worries, as your items are safe. We charge a nominal rate of $3 for the first item and $1 for each additional, with a max of $8; regardless of the number of items in the order.